2017 Pipers’ Gathering Vendors

Banton and Woodson Scottish Smallpipes and Border Pipesnate-ryan2

While embracing the traditional core sounds and aesthetics of Scottish Bellows pipes, it is the tweaks, modifications and pushed boundaries that the Banton/Woodson Workshop has become best known for.  While supplying both the simplest of smallpipes and the most complex Border pipes to many of the top Scottish bellows pipers in North America and beyond, Nate & Will’s shop also prides itself on supplying reliable, easy to play and enjoyable instruments to pipers of all levels.

Find out more about Nate’s pipes here.

B.C. Childress

Doing my job 6Maker of bellows-blown bagpipes.  Specializing in the Irish Uilleann pipes since 1987.  Bruce is also able to fettle/repair Northumbrian smallpipes if needed.

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(photo credit to Arbo Doughty)

Jerry Freeman, Pennywhistles

Jerry Freeman is the world’s only full time, professional penny whistle tweaker*. Jerry s whistles have attained worldwide acclaim, including some of the top echelon of Irish traditional players. *(making fine adjustments and modifications to get the best possible performance from the instrument)   Connect to Jerry’s shop here.

Monroe Bridge Books

Specializing in books from Great Britain and the Isles. We also have a very extensive general stock, including Native American, Travel & Adventure, Rare & Scarce, Military, Religion, Poetry, Music, Reference Books and much more. We are proud members of SNEAB – The Southern New England Antiquarian Booksellers Association. (Monroe Bridge also brings a collection of piping-related materials when they come.)  Contact information can be found here.

Pinchbeck Pipes

We strive to create musical instruments of world class calibre both visually and in quality of sound.

“Chris Pinchbeck has been playing Great Highland and Scottish Smallpipes for upwards of 20 years. He has been fine-tuning Scottish Smallpipe making for equally as long. Along with the ability to supply drones of traditional tuning style, he has developed a unique, professional quality, extended tuning range drone assembly that expands the capability of the Scottish Smallpipe to play tunes in a wider range of keys. These distinctive drones can be conveniently tuned in performance to chanters keyed in D,C, B flat, A or G, with a handsome look and a beautiful sound. Teamed with artisans with an equal love of the medium, Pinchbeck crafts high quality instruments delivered with pride in workmanship and assurance of their ability to please.”

Building a set of pipes doesn’t end when the pipes are received by the client. Your relationship throughout the process in making your set of pipes, maintenance service upon delivery and throughout years of creating joy, will be nothing but exacting, professional and genuine.

Email or call 207-763-2731 for a personal conversation about the exciting instrument choices we offer – or we’re located in midcoast Hope, Maine – if you’d like to arrange an appointment to visit our renovated 1822 shop. Visit our website here.

Quietpiper Scottish smallpipes
Traditionally inspired modern instruments handcrafted in Pennsylvania by Robert Felsburg.  “Pipemaking has been a labor of love as I’ve  worked through the sometimes frustrating stages of design and research involved in making bagpipes. I take great care and pride in handcrafting each set of pipes individually, mindful of both the quality of sound and craftsmanship. From the bags and bellows, to the hand turned pipes, and reeds, every part of the instrument is handmade by me in my shop.

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