The Pipers’ Gathering Scholarship Application

About the Van Jackman Memorial Fund

Kenneth “Van” Jackman was a medical doctor by profession who enjoyed a life-long interest in piping. In addition to Highland pipes, he enjoyed playing both Scottish and Northumbrian smallpipes. Van was a founding member of “Ceilidh Connection”, a Scottish smallpipes group in Rochester, New York. He loved learning from the best teachers and always endeavored to help others to benefit from what he learned. He frequently attended “piping schools” or workshops whenever possible. He went to North Hero, Vermont in the early 2000s to The Pipers’ Gathering to learn the Northumbrian smallpipes. Before he died in August, 2010 he made a request that his instruments, music and recordings accumulated over the years be made available so others could continue to use and benefit from them.

The Pipers’ Gathering was the grateful recipient of parts of this collection, and has established the Van Jackman Memorial Fund to honor both his avid interest in piping and his pursuit of quality education for pipers.   In 2011 a generous donation from the Bagpipe Society allowed the furtherance of the aims of the Van Jackman Fund.  The Pipers’ Gathering has used these funds to provide scholarships to the event.

About Tuition Scholarships for The Pipers’ Gathering

This year we are offering four (4) tuition scholarships in association with the Van Jackman Memorial Fund. Consistent with the mission of The Pipers’ Gathering, scholarships are made available to pipers first. Preference will also be given to first-time attendees.

The tuition scholarship is intended to help offset the costs to attend The Gathering. This scholarship has a value of $225.(If the scholarship is applied to a Youth registration, the value will be $195.)  The attendee’s out-of-pocket costs for the balance of the tuition will depending on the tuition tier that applies at the time of registration. Housing/board is separate, and it is up to the recipient to arrange either at Wisdom House or off-site.


The Tuition Scholarships are open to all musicians regardless of age or ability, except for:

– Any person who has received a scholarship from The Pipers’ Gathering in the three previous years, or

– Past and present members of the Board of Directors of The Pipers’ Gathering Inc. and their immediate families, or

– Persons attending as vendors, vendor assistants, and their immediate families


1. The Scholarship is valid only for The Pipers’ Gathering event in the year of the award.

2. The student shall register for The Pipers’ Gathering as soon as possible after the award notification is received, but not later than August 10.

(Please note that Pipers’ Gathering attendees who are under 18 require a guardian to be in attendance at the event. Scholarship monies apply to attendees’ expenses only)

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The Application


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By making application for scholarship, entrants agree that The Pipers' Gathering, Inc., or any members of its Board of Directors, shall not bear any liability for any injuries, losses, damages, claims or actions resulting from participation in the event, and agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless from same The Pipers' Gathering, Inc., and its Board of Directors.  I recognize that if I am under the age of 18, a guardian must be on campus of Wisdom House with me, and must be registered with The Pipers' Gathering as an observer or attendee in her/his own right (this is required by insurance).