About alternative pipes

For folks with only a passing acquaintance with bagpipes, The Great Highland pipes are most familiar. But there is a world of other pipes out there; some are mouth-blown, like the Highland pipes, while others — like those focused on at The Gathering — are bellows-blown. You’ll find bagpipes from many cultures, most often where goats and sheep were raised, going well back into history.

The Gathering’s primary focus is on pipes from the British Isles: Northumbrian and Scottish smallpipes, Irish Uilleann pipes, Border pipes and English pipes.

However, any number of pipes from Europe and beyond have been heard in Gathering workshops, concerts and casual sessions, including gaidas, gaitas, zampogne, binou koz, medieval and renaissance pipes and the like.

Follow this link to a more comprehensive list of British smallpipes. Here’s a list of bagpipes from around the world.