Welcome to The Pipers’ Gathering,
North America’s most comprehensive alternative bagpipe event!

The 2015 Gathering will take place from August 21–23, 2015 at Wisdom House in Litchfield, CT. Registration now open!!  This annual event welcomes newcomers and advanced players alike, with both traditional bellows-blown pipes and instruments a little “outside the box”. Complimentary instruments are also featured, because really the point is to play well with others. World-class instructors, lots of hours of instruction/workshops and a relaxed setting makes this a weekend not to be missed.

Want a sneak peak in Massachusetts?  Come see our “kitchen piping” presentation at NEFFA on Saturday, April 25 in Mansfield, MA!  Then register for our August event, and learn to play any of those pipes demonstrated (rental pipes available!).

Instructors for the 2015 Gathering include:

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To purchase the album produced from last year’s great concert series, go to:

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Or find the “Pipers Gathering 2014″ album sold also at these stores:


The Pipers’ Gathering workshops are richly informative, inclusive and cover a wide range of interests. Classes and instructors this year have shifted to target and emphasize themes such as; improving your skills as a player, the nuances of playing with other instruments in various settings, theory, and instrument specific technique.

We will be gathering and posting instructor’s tune preferences in advance to maximize instruction time for technique, skill building, history, theory and application with these world class players.

There will be ample opportunity to learn and pick up new tunes throughout the weekend as well.

Please keep your eye on the website as specific workshop and instruction themes are posted.


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Familiar faces on The High Drive: ...

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In need of a "tweaked" whistle? PG vendor Jerry Freeman is at NEFFA in Mansfield, MA today. You can check out his whistles here if you're not close by: ...

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Come watch the Pipers' Gathering "kitchen piping" at NEFFA on 4/25 at 11 am, stay to enjoy the rest!

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Gay McKeon. 'Nuff said. ...

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