Pipers' Gathering 2014 - August 22nd - 24th

At Wisdom House in Litchfield, CT


Limited Registration available at at the door starting at 1:00 pm on Friday, August 22nd.


Tickets for our concert on Saturday night are available online by clicking on the link below:




Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


Generous support provided by The National Endowment for the Arts

Here is a tentative schedule of events: (all times and class/workshop schedules are subject to change)


1pm - 4pm Registration (rooms at wisdom house will not be available until after 2pm)

1pm - 5pm Pipe fettling, small Group Playing, Vendor Tables

2pm Honk n' Squeeze

4pm Meet Our Instructors Q&A (EJ Jones, Kevin Rowsome, Andy May)


Saturday: Vendors are available all day

9am- 10:30 Group Class

10:45- 11:45 Workshops:

What key is this tune in? Surviving in Sessions; Cummings

Learning by Ear; Loomis

1:15-2:45pm Group Class

3:00-4:00pm Workshops:

Reclaiming the Tunes from Ages Past; Buda/Jones

Open Your Ears: Hard Listening to Uilleann Piping; Abarta

4:15-5:15pm Workshops:

Uilleann pipe regulator playing; Rowsome

Learning Ancient Tunes in the Ancient Way; Lindsay

7:30pm Evening Concert


Sunday: Vendors are available all day.

9am- 10:30 Group Class

10:45- 11:45 Workshops:

The Future of Border Pipes; Banton

Northumbrian Repertoire on Other Pipes (bring your pipes); May

1:15-2:45pm Group Class

3:00-4:00pm Workshops:

Arranging Tunes; Heaton/Mcnally

Bodhran Workshop; Grady

4:15-5:15pm Workshops:

Bodhran Workshop continued; Grady

Dance Tunes Outside the Box and into the Bag; Jones

7:30pm Open Mic

Full Line up is here:

Scottish Smallpipes: EJ Jones and Donald Lindsay, with a workshop appearance by Tim Cummings

Northumbrian smallpipes: Andy May

Uilleann pipes: Kevin Rowsome and Joey Abarta

Flute: Shannon Heaton

Fiddle: Katie McNally

Bodhran workshop with Mance Grady

Stay tuned for afternoon schedules, which will include an additional guest here and there.


Took look up further information of our instructors please gor to the Instructor page.

The Forum pageis a new resource open for your use. Please use it, spread the word to friends. It's a great place to advertise pipes and related items for sale, ask questions, discuss tunes, look for a ride to the next Piper's Gathering, etc. etc.

The Pipers' Gathering is a musical convention that features "alternative bagpipes" of all types. When you hear the word "bagpipe," most folks automatically think of the Great Highland Bagpipe. You know, the guys with the kilts who play those wonderfully loud instruments. Our event features many of the other bagpipe types found in the British Isles and Europe, including Northumbrian Smallpipes, Scottish Smallpipes, Irish uilleann pipes, Border pipes and the many different varieties of English bagpipes. Participants are exposed to the broad range of these fascinating instruments and the people who play and make them.

The Pipers' Gathering is frequented by some of the finest pipemakers in the world. It is the one place to go in North America if you want to try out and order one of these musical instruments. Nationally recognized music vendors offer hard-to-find items related to this type of piping, such as CD's, cassette tapes, music books and supplies.

The Gathering begins on Friday evening with an informal ceilidh. The mornings are dedicated to hands-on piping classes. Saturday and Sunday afternoons feature mini-concerts, lecture-demonstrations, special workshops, and discussions designed to emphasize the linkages between the varying bagpipe types. There are ongoing traditional Irish sessions and plenty of spontaneous jamming. A highlight of the event is the ability to meet and play with musicians of many backgrounds, in groups which constantly form and reform throughout the grounds.

Saturday and Sunday evenings feature concerts by of some of the best pipers in the world. Come treat yourself and the whole family to a new world of traditional music.

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